Monday, April 13, 2009

Bow wing

The bow wing has been glassed in. I used an old carbon fibre offcut from an A Class mast. I have shaped the cut outs taken from the hull sides to fit into the end of the section as an end stop. This also will serve as a good position for the nav lights. I have also decided to put a tang on the end to take the brace from the float end rather than fitting it to the hull side. I decided to clean up the glue while it was still a bit green so the glue area looks a bit furry. What the's cool down here & I am impatient!!!

This is just before filling with bog to allow fixing of the light as well as putting the wire inside the bow wing. By putting the wing so far forward i will be able to run my nets further forward just to be able to give me a bit more foredeck area. The sail track in the mast section will do just fine.

The profile of the nav light is a bit bigger than the wing section so i have made a backing plate from flat laminated glass

Next part of the bow wing will be to build 2 anchor storage/ fairleads in the middle of the wings. This will be great for cruising & enable me to run a bridle for anchoring. Of course i wont be having anchors stored there for racing.

Composite anchor cleats

This is the start of my composite anchor cleats. I am making them from flat carbon laminated to a thickness of about 5mm. I have heat formed the foam to the inner shape of the hull & then added a top piece of high density foam. Next step is to cover them in about 4 layers of carbon uni & 2 layers of BD 600. I will place 1 layer of BD600 followed by 4 staggered layers of uni the last layer will be BD600.
Once done they will then be laminated into the hull sides. These should be quite strong & I will not have to worry about through deck bolts & backing plates.