Monday, November 23, 2009

Rudder Stock

Here is a description of how I went about making the rudder stock. To allow for the carpet on the inside of the case I started with packing tape on the board. Then I laid double sided tape over this.
I made a template & then cutout 3 layers of 1mm clear PVC. This was then double sided taped to the board. The last layer was a layer of thin mylar film.

I laid up the initial layers of carbon...4 layers at once is real messy!!!! I was not able to get a good vacuum so opted for just straight lay up. It was not as good as I would have hoped for but it all looked good.

Just a note to the ones who have not done this yet....make sure you mark the stock as top & bottom...otherwise you may just shape the bottom to the top profile. Luckily I left it a bit on the high side so I can still get a good shape....oops!!!

Also made a paper template for the spacer & glued that to the G10 tube. That is all for the moment. More to come.