Friday, March 13, 2015

Water has been added

Finally the day has come to launch. It has been a while but well worth it. We launched at Martha Cove in Melbourne with family & friends around to witness the event.
I have decided to call the boat "Shockwave".
Launch was Feb 28th & it was decided that the 1st race would be the next weekend in the Marlay Point Overnight Race in Gippsland Lakes.
What a week. We needed to adjust some sail problems, only minor, but also instal the electrics. To say that I was still screwing fittings on on the way down would be close to it. The boat trailed really well & we sat on 100kmh all the way down.
There was lots of interest in a new untried boat so we were a bit nervous as to how we would go. 123 entries all starting at the same time is interesting. It was a downwind start so up went the spinnaker & we took off. We were 2nd boat into the straits & played chicken with 3 boats all the way to the finish. Winds were fickle & light so there was a lot of lead changing. 91/2 hrs later we crossed the finish line 3rd overall & 2nd Multihull.
A great race was had by all on board with smiles all round.