Saturday, November 1, 2008


The trailer was the 1st construction task. I have just uncovered some photos taken during construction. It was made from 100*50*5 steel with the main draw bar from 100*100. On the delivery trip down from NSW with the boat on we actually hit 120kmh. The whole unit was a breeze to tow. We hardly knew it was on ...until we looked in the mirror.

Finished trailer minus guards. The all up trailer weight was 600kg for registration purposes.

Nice welds. I left the section open firstly for galvanising & secondly to make sure that the frame dries out.

This is the dual axle spring set up

A forklift makes life easier. So does a mate who is a boilermaker by trade.


Unfortunately I have outstayed my welcome at the factory I am in & will have to relocate. The only low cost monetary option is to bring it home, the high cost of that will be the flak from the war department...oh well.
So I have spent most of the time working out the logistics of the move. I have been storing the trailer at another location so it will be good to get it back & fit the hull to. An advantage to being at home is that I will be able to bits & pieces more often. Hopefully it will not be overshadowed by the problem mentioned earlier.