Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interior Furniture 1

The starboard side is well on the way but I am still mulling over how to do the galley on the port side.
The starboard side will contain the electrics. This will include VHF, Stereo, mainswitch etc. I have also decided to instal a false bulkhead to form a cupboard to hide the wiring on the rear of the hatch. This will also hide the back of the depth & speed instruments. I do not like seeing loose wiring so I will try & hide as much in conduits inside cupboards. The false bulkhead means that the position for the cicuit breaker switches will need to be changed. Ah the joys of foam & balsa...just patch it up.

The cupboard doors will be hinged at the top. This will, hopefully, mean that I can do without catches but I am not sure. I think they may be needed just to keep things inside.

The hinges are my own composite style & should be fine.