Thursday, January 1, 2009

Carbon Fibre Gooseneck

Time to start on the carbon fibre gooseneck. I had an off cut of mast section so this proved the ideal template. I wrapped it in plastic to stop the resin sticking to the aluminium. If you double click on this 1st image you will be able to read the lay up that I used. The 1st 2 layers of normal glass are to add as a protection so that the carbon fibre is not in direct contact with the aluminium.

Eveything went well & i wrapped the whole unit in clear packing wrap then vacuum bagged the whole unit.

The ridge from the sail track that can be seen here is good as a locator for the gooseneck on the mast.

Next job was to locate the pivot assembly. I used a 12mm diameter rod to align through the bush in line with the mast track. I cut a piece of 9mm foam as a spacer, then bogged the whole lot in place. Next job is to cover it with some more layers of carbon fibre.