Saturday, April 10, 2010

Transom Bracket

Unfortunately work has been a bit slow on the boat...frustrating. Work & other bits & pieces have taken a lot of my spare time. At least I have been able to do a few things.

After much debate I decided that since I was making the daggerboard rudder & box that I would also alter the transom to suit. So I made the transom support bracket & cut a big hole in the cockpit floor.

This is the old set up.

I made up a false frame to fit the bracket to & taped this in place.

I made up some flat pieces of glass to act as flanges to sit the cockpit floor back on.

Because my cockpit flor sits a bit higher than plan I checked with Ian & he advised that I could leave out the support tubes if I used large fillets on the sides where it meets the floor. By the way I am not sure why the floor is higher. The person who I bought it off obviously had there reasons but I still don't like to deviate from plan. Unfortunately there is not much I can do here.

Floor sits a bit high at the moment but will trim to a flush fit & rebate edges to take the tape so that it will all sit flat.