Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nearly there

It has been a while but the painting is finished & I  am ready to load back on trailer.
 I am very pleased with the Durepox paint that was used. The clear coat over the white is extremely hard.
 2nd float will be attached today. Mast is painted & will be fitted next week. Need to clean the interior up & then add some water


Arno en Fetske said...

Hi Rod,

Fine that you are in the final finishing stage, the paint job looks really good. How long do you think before you hit the water.


Rod said...

I am hoping for late October, all being well.

nico peursum said...

Great to see you're almost there. It would be nice to see some pics ( and/or ) video of the first outing!


MartinF said...

Hi Rod
Looking really good. Could you tell me how much paint (finishing coat) you used? Need to order my paint now. best regards martin